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Here, you can read about VFX, which is like magic in Games. It talks about what VFX is, who does it, and how you can be one too! You’ll also learn about the different kinds of VFX and the cool jobs they do. If you want to know more about VFX, start here!

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In this part, you can read about VFX basics. Learn about different effects and how they’re made. If you make games or just like playing them, you’ll discover the secrets of the magic that happens behind the scenes. This section is for you!

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VFX in games: Intro To Environment Effects

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of creating captivating virtual environments. Led by industry experts, this hands-on course covers fundamental principles and techniques using industry-standard tools.

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Welcome to the arsenal of innovation and creativity – the Tools and Software section dedicated to the backbone ...

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Welcome to the presentations section I have assembled a collection of highly valuable presentations specifically...

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If you’re curious about the terms used in game dev, We got you covered. we compiled a list of Game Dev Teams...

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This section serves as your guide, offering step-by-step tutorials and insights. From basic techniques to advan

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