Björn Riemann

Senior Technical VFX artist

Hey! I am Björn Riemann, a senior technical VFX artist currently contributing my expertise to 10Chambers. Over the past decade, my journey in the realm of game development has encompassed diverse roles and experiences. I have honed my skills at esteemed studios including Crytek, Deck13, and Deep Silver Fishlabs, contributing to the development and launch of titles such as "Hunt Showdown" and "Atlas Fallen".

My passion for VFX lies in the exploration of diverse art styles and cool new techniques. In recent years, I have found great fulfillment in sharing my knowledge and expertise by mentoring junior professionals and guiding aspiring students in the magical craft of visual effects.

VFX Courses

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VFX in games: Intro To Environment Effects

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of creating captivating virtual environments. Led by industry experts, this hands-on course covers fundamental principles and techniques using industry-standard tools.